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PDF Unlocker Tool

Safe & Secure Way to Remove PDF Security Restrictions

  • Unlock owner level password security like printing, copying, extracting, editing
  • Remove restriction from healthy PDF file that is not corrupted
  • Software supports adobe acrobat version 9 and below all version
  • Unlock Multiple PDF file in Batch mode with Enterprise or Business licence
  • Easily remove the password restriction from the PDF file
  • Software Maintain the File integrity

PDF Unlocker Software – Features & Benefits


Unlock Owner Level Password

Software help you to unlock the PDF file from owner level password security like: editing, printing, copying and extracting. It can unlock single PDF file at a time and you can save the unlocked file to your desired location.


Unlock User level Password

PDF Unlocker software is a solution to remove user level or document open password security. You can unlock the PDF file by providing password correspond to that file. Once the file gets unlocked, it will never ask for password to open the PDF file.

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Unlock PDF For Editing/Printing/Copying

Before unlocking PDF password, you do not have the permission to print, edit and copy the content. After removing the restrictions from PDF file, you are allowed to print, edit and copy.

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PDF Password Remover

PDF Unlocker Software will remove PDF password security without causing any harm to the content inside the PDF file. It is completely safe from external virus and bugs. It will never prompt you to type password of the PDF file, once you removed the password.


Support Batch file processing

PDF Unlocker Software will remove the security from multiple PDF file all having common restriction. For Batch operation, to remove restrictions from multiple PDF you need to bring Business and Enterprise license as a personal license remove single PDF file restriction at a time.


Preview Security Permission

If you load any PDF file, PDF Unlocker software will directly give the list associated with all the permissions. Permission before list shows you the current status of the file, whereas Permission After list shows you the permission removed from that particular file after executing PDF Unlocker.


Secure data handling

Once you go through the PDF Password Remover Utility, it can handle your data in a secure manner. The data can be in its original form after unlocking without losing information as it is before unlocking the PDF file.


Maintains Hierarchy

While saving the decrypted PDF file, PDF Unlocker software maintains the fundamental hierarchy. It does not make any change in the format of the original PDF file structure. As, it will remain the attachments intact within the respective document.


Unrestricted Healthy PDF file

PDF Unlocker software allows you to remove restrictions from a healthy PDF file that is not corrupted. If your file is corrupted then it will not recover and remove restriction from PDF file. If you want to remove restrictions from corrupted PDF file, then first you recover it using PDF recovery software.

save to new folder

Save Unlocked PDF file

Software provides you to select desired location where you want to save unlocked PDF file. If you want to create a new folder to save Unlocked PDF file you can immediately create it from the software panel. After creating new folder you easily save the unlocked PDF file in it.

Screenshots to Remove The Security from PDF File
Frequently Asked Questions
Does software set any limit on the number of PDF files to unlock ?
No. There is no limit set on the number of files. You can unlock as many files as you want to without any restriction on number or size of PDF files.
Does this software remove User password from PDF file as well ?
Yes. Software is proficient to remove both types of passwords; User and Owner passwords. But the User password must be known to user. While processing the tool to unlock restrictions, it prompts to fill User password once. As you provide the User password, unlocked file will not demand this password while opening it.
I am unable to copy images from PDF files. How can this software help this problem ?
Our software has been designed to remove owner restrictions applied on the PDF files. In case you are unable to copy images or text, it means your file also has owner restrictions applied on it. Our software will completely remove these restrictions from your PDF file and will let you perform all the restricted actions with it like; Copy, Edit, Print, etc.
Will this software run on Windows 8.1 version ?
Yes. Software supports all the versions of which includes the latest version and all the below versions.
Is it possible to unlock multiple PDF files at once ?
Yes. You can unlock multiple PDF files in one go using the Business/Enterprise license of PDF Unlocker Software. Individual license allows unlocking PDF files one by one.
Is it possible to remove password from PDF files to print and copying the information?
Of course, it is possible. Our software will completely remove restriction from PDF files and it will authorize you to print and copy the information contains in the PDF file. Not only print and copy, you can able to edit the PDF file as well.
Does it cause damage to my PDF file information, if I used this software to unlock secured PDF files?
No, it will not cause any damage to your PDF files contents. Our PDF Unlocker software is completely safe to use.
If I know the password of my PDF, why should I need to remove password from PDF file?
Before removing the PDF password, you do not have the authority to print, copy and modify the PDF file. But our PDF Unlocker Tool will remove password from PDF file within a few seconds and remove restriction from PDF document as well.
How much time will take to unlock secured PDF file ?
Our PDF Unlocker software will remove password from PDF file within a few seconds.